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1 Year Android Development Training Course

1. 1 Year  Android Development  Training Course 1) Introduction To Mobile Apps    I. Why we Need Mobile Apps II. Different Kinds of Mobile Apps III. Briefly about Android 2) Introduction Android I. History Behind Android Development II. What is Android? III. Pre-requisites to learn Android IV. Brief Discussion on Java Programming 3) Android Architecture I. Overview of Android Stack II. Android Features III. Introduction to OS layers 4) Deep Overview in Android Stack I. Linux Kernel II. Libraries III. Android Runtime IV. Application Framework V. Dalvik VM 5) Installing Android Machine I. Configuring Android Stack II. Setting up Android Studio III. Working with Android Studio IV. Using Older Android Tools 6) Creating First Android Application I. Creating Android Project II. Debugging Application through DDMS III. setting up environment IV. AVD Creation V. Executing Project on Android Screen 7