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Worksheet for HR day 012

Worksheet for HR day 012   1000Hrs To 1100 Hrs  ♀️ Open and Check your Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora Open and Reply or share do the needful.  1100Hrs To 1300 Hrs  ‍♀   Explain Employees Welfare pertaining to Satisfaction  1300Hrs To 1400 Hrs  Lunch Break   🧁🍪🍮🥧🍰🍩🎂  1400Hrs To 1430 Hrs 🙇🙇🏻‍♀  Send summary of the webinar.  1400Hrs To 1600 Hrs 🙇🙇🏻‍♀    What can be the reasons of politics  at workplace ?  1600Hrs To 1700 Hrs  ‍♀   Attend webinar. Make a summary on the webinar. The Link will be provided soon. Send with tomorrow's worksheet       1700Hrs To 1800 Hrs  Make Your Day 012 Report of all Work done. After Completion of the work, kindly send Report to,  [ Copy + Paste Only ] Sanika Acharekar {MBA - HR} Asst Manager HR AirCrews Aviation Pvt Ltd Vcard Follow me on Facebook    :