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How To Promote Your Android App

How To Promote Your Android App.? Store Reviews Social Media Influencers Blog Optimization Android phones currently rank first in terms of smartphone Operating Systems and cover more than half the smartphones numbers around the world. So building apps for the Android phones is a safe bet to make the profit. Although people do prefer free apps than paid ones in the android play market, if your app has the factor that makes it more productive and attractive than other competitors, then it will surely sell. Now the major problem with Android developers are they are techies and not a marketer. In order to promote Android app and to find the people to talk about their product is not a piece of cake. Well, here I’m sharing some of the working tips which you can utilize and create a buzz about your latest app developed by you. Always remember, your app should be rock-solid, and best marketing of any product comes with the word to mouth marketing. Tips for Dev