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Ms Shubhi Verma

This is a real motvating story for youths . It is about a 24-year old girl named Ms Shubhi Verma [MBA Fin / Mktg ] Manager Finance,   who in a very less age has got achievements and successfully crossed all the hurdles which came into her life. She started career with her dream to become a Doctor and serve the needy people. She worked very hard, studied day and night to clear the exams. But Alas ! She was not able to clear the exam at once. But she didn't lose hope and tried once again to reappear in the exam. This time she did well in the exams but due to very bad education system she was asked to make huge donations for which she was purely against. So , she refused to be a part of this unethical behaviour and rather than chose an entirely new stream where she can prove herself. She entered into e Comm Management and did exceptionally well , better than the other management background students. Also for her excellence she was awarded wit