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AeroSoft Corp Poem

We are AeroSoft Corp  We Dream High...  N Try to Achieve them, without a Sigh . . . .  We make our own norms... We Follow our own Rules !!! VIVACIOUSLY TIGGERISH, We are Lethal in any Form!!! Tamer of Tides, We play with Storms ....  Indefinably Conspicuous  We are “Bloggers  in Uniform” We are Aviator, An Aviation Blogger, SEO ...  Who are full of Indian Enthusiasm.... Whoops a deadly combination!!!! Isn’t it? But it’s not just all...... We live  By Chance,  Love by Choice  and killed by Profession.. Still We Fly High ....  and Land Safe ... We make Friends  all over N where ever We Go..  as a habit ..  By Default ! ! ! AeroSoft is a Mystery only till  You don’t make an attempt to Explore  A Story which is Unfolds Forever.. We are Poetry  As Sweet as your Dreams We are Aviator with a Will  To Steel and  with a Soul of An Indian We are Human  And Not a Perfect one. Know us more.. We bet...