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Be Your Own Best Pal: By Knowing the Power Within

                                                                                              Blog By   Rainy Sarmistha   Be Your Own Best Pal: By Knowing the Power Within We all have several strategies in life for managing the stress in life yields us. However, we all have power hidden us, to deal with these kind of situations-that is our brain. Now, am not saying everyone could deal with the life problems without taking any help from anybody! If you do not have more information, then seek for someone’s suggestions who know more than you do. This will help you to deal with the various life problems and can give you a peace of mind. A Right Decision could Change Your Life You are the best decision maker in your life. The best way to get a way out of any kinds of adverse situation is a correct decision at the right time. The two greatest fears we possess seem to be – Failure and Rejection. What is fear ?  Have you asked yourself lately? It is not the fear about losing

I am a Merchant Thief मै व्यापारी चोर हूँ .

I am a  Private Hospitals Because I earn on my own risk day and night. I am busy  working till the evening ... Because my tax is paid to the teacher who does not teach 200 days in a year. Because my money gets paid to the police that can not be found on time. Because, because of my tax, the doctor gets salaried who does not go to the hospital. Because, because of my tax, the officer gets the salary which every person consumes money. Mantri enjoys only with my money. Modiji asks you to send the officers to the thieves to send them to the officers who have never eaten money, they have always worked sincerely ... you will hear the song. They killed the first stone which has not sinned, who is not a sinner. . We are Businessman Thief ... We do not steal taxes, save tax, that is why we can protect our children and families from any future disaster. (1) We spent thousands of rupees in our homes to purchase generator / inverter      Because the gov

Day 2 Training

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